Face masks, fruits in short supply outside Wuhan

Face masks, fruits in short supply outside Wuhan



NANJING, China — A barista in one of the few Starbucks in this city northwest of Shanghai that is still open had a stern message Friday for one customer: “Get out.”

The reason? The man was not wearing a mask.

After a brief argument, the interloper finished eating and left. The barista sprayed down the immediate area with disinfectant and scrubbed the table, chair and floor for several minutes.

Like many Chinese cities, as the deadly coronavirus sweeps the country, Nanjing has stepped up efforts to control its spread.

This provincial capital of Jiangsu province, with a population of 8.3 million, is not one of the cities facing the most serious problems. It reports only 25 cases, unlike Wenzhou, a coastal city in neighboring Zhejiang province, which has 227. But the barista’s reaction reflects the heightened state of anxiety and vigilance in many cities in eastern China and across the country.


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