Dwyane Wade opens up about daughter Zaya coming out as trans

Dwyane Wade opens up about daughter Zaya coming out as trans



Former NBA star Dwyane Wade is urging parents to support their kids and do proper research after his daughter Zaya came out as transgender. 

Speaking Tuesday to host Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America,” Wade confirmed Zaya gave him permission to talk about her story and opened up about what the process has been like for the 12-year-old, who Wade said had known her gender identity since she was 3. 

Wade, 38, first revealed his daughter’s announcement during a Feb. 11 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” speaking about how he supported his child since she told her parents she wanted to be referred to using female pronouns.

Dwyane Wade, son Zaire, Gabrielle Union share support for 12-year-old Zaya, pronoun change

The bottom line for Wade and wife Gabrielle Union: Making sure Zaya knows they support her wholeheartedly. 

“This is her life every day. This is no game to us,” Wade said Tuesday. “We’re all about protecting her heart, we’re about protecting her joy and to do that, we have to support her.”

Wade said Zaya was the one who began doing research on gender identity and approached her family. 

“‘I don’t think I’m gay,'” he recalled her saying. “‘This is how I identify myself. This is my gender identity. I identify as a young lady. I think I’m a straight trans (girl) because I like boys.'”


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