DOJ Edits Drone Policy To Involve Cybersecurity Evaluation

DOJ Edits Drone Policy To Involve Cybersecurity Evaluation

This week, the Department of Justice declared an upgraded drone policy, planned to replace the 2015 policy guidance. The new policy preserves a lot of the similar regulations and language, with a few major inclusions dealing with the concerns about privacy and cybersecurity.

The new edition of the policy “needs elements to assess UAS acquirements for cybersecurity dangers, defending against possible threats to the DOJ’s networks and supply chain,” as per the declaration. The policy also shows that the DOJ will be working with the FAA around authorization to airspace comprising collaborating on a plan for air traffic support. Finally, the policy particularly cites data gathered from sensors and cameras, and claims it will weigh “the possible impact and intrusiveness on civil liberties and privacy” in opposition to the government’s interests.

The policy still requests for a yearly privacy evaluation of drone employment as well as sustaining a 180-day cap on retaining personally detecting info, “unless the preservation of data is decided to be essential for an authorized reason or is sustained in a Privacy Act system of records.”

On a related note, previous month, the Department of the Interior halted all 800 of its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) owing to cybersecurity issues comprising the video snapped by the drones. All of the drones of Interior Department were either manufactured in China or comprise elements that were manufactured in China.

The drones of Interior Department are employed to examine damage to land, deal with forest fires, observe endangered species, and monitor dams, but there were issues that drone videos having sensitive data might fall into the hands of bad actors. The grounding also took place in the middle of various US government limitations in opposition to Chinese firms in response to the belief that China was pinching trade secrets.

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