DNC drops donor threshold, making way for Bloomberg

Amy Klobuchar climbs in poll, could make it 5-way race



The Democratic National Committee has altered the criteria to qualify for the Nevada debate, almost doubling the polling threshold and eliminating donor requirements —which could make way for Michael Bloomberg to make it on stage.

The change has caused backlash from presidential candidates, as well as from Sen. Cory Booker’s former campaign staff, who criticized the DNC as changing the rules in the middle of the game. Booker, who dropped out several weeks before the Iowa caucuses, said Friday they previously redirected campaigns funds to help bring in donors specifically to meet the debate thresholds.

To qualify for the Nevada debate, candidates must receive 10% or more in at least four polls between Jan. 15 and Feb. 18, which include national polls or Nevada and South Carolina state polls, or hit at least 12% in two polls in Nevada and South Carolina.

Candidates can also qualify for the debate if they get one delegate in either Iowa or New Hampshire. There will be no donor requirements. The Nevada debate will be held on Feb. 19, with the state’s caucus four days later on Feb. 22.


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