Diamond Princess cruise passengers detail US rescue

Diamond Princess cruise passenger details US rescue



Two charter flights carrying American Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers landed at military bases in California and Texas overnight, starting the clock on a new 14-day quarantine period to ensure those passengers don’t have coronavirus

Fourteen evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined in Japan were allowed to fly back to the United States Sunday despite testing positive for the virus, the U.S. State Department and Health and Human Services saidin a joint statement. They were not symptomatic. 

Cheryl and Paul Molesky opted to trade the ship quarantine for one on U.S. soil. 

Cheryl sent The Associated Press a video of her and her husband, Paul, boarding the plane with other Americans.

“Well, we’re exhausted, but we’re on the plane and that’s a good feeling. Pretty miserable wearing these masks though, and everybody had to go to the bathroom on the bus,” she said.

“We are glad to be going home,” Cheryl Molesky earlier told NHK TV in Japan. “It’s just a little bit disappointing that we’ll have to go through quarantine again, and we will probably not be as comfortable as the Diamond Princess, possibly.”

In this image from a video taken on Monday, Feb. 17, 2020, Cheryl Molesky, left, and Paul Molesky, who evacuated off the quarantined cruise ship the Diamond Princess, film selfie video aboard a Kalitta Air plane bound for the U.S., at Haneda airport in Tokyo.

Molesky also said she was worried about the rising number of patients on the ship.

“It’s a little bit scary with the numbers going up of the people being taken off the ship for the (virus), so I think its time to go. I think its time to cut our losses and take off,” she said.

Matthew Smith, a passenger aboard the ship, told USA TODAY he and his wife, Katherine, did not plan to take the charter flight back to the U.S. because they believed the “way they are handling this is not safe.” Sunday, he shared details of what it looked like for passengers as the evacuation began.


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