Dems should support grassroots to capitalize on the Bloomberg bankroll

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg talks to supporters in Detroit on Feb. 4, 2020.


With the two early states down, many Democrats, anti-Trump independents and a few rogue Republicans are depressed — panicked that none of the candidates can beat Trump, convinced that the Democratic Party isn’t up to the challenge.

Hopefully, they aren’t so paralyzed that they’ll miss a newfound bonanza.

Since Michael Bloomberg has promised to foot a Gotham-sized chunk of the bill for the Democratic general election campaign, no matter who the eventual nominee is, it would be wise for the Democrats to adjust their planning immediately. If they delay or stay the course, they may miss a golden — actually, platinum — opportunity at a moment of political crisis.

Bloomberg’s bankroll should liberate vast resources usually spent on the political-marketing-industrial-complex hired by candidates, party organizations and giant Super PACs, an entrenched repertoire that consists mostly of polling, advertising of all sorts and marshalling paid or out-of-town “grassroots” field workers. 

Bloomberg has basically said he’ll bankroll all that.

Swing states, local organizations and Senate races are the keys

So, what should Democrats and anti-Trumpers do?

Three criteria should guide.

First, of course, the ultimate goal of all new activism should be defeating Trump in 2020. That means if you live in an ironclad red or blue state, this year you must find ways to help out in swing states even if you can’t be there.


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