Democrats say William Barr will testify before House committee

Trump congratulates Bill Barr for 'taking charge' of Roger Stone case


WASHINGTON – Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee said Wednesday that Attorney General William Barr will be testifying before them on March 31st.

The letter says that Barr would be questioned about “the misuse of our criminal justice system for political purposes” and was confirming his “agreement to testify.”

Democrats laid out multiple issues they felt have been “dangerous for our democracy and unacceptable to the House Judiciary Committee,” including pressing Barr over his handling of the Roger Stone case. 

President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that the sentencing recommendation for Stone, a Trump associate convicted of lying to Congress and obstructing the Russia investigation, was unfair. 

Hours later, the Justice Department announced they would alter and reduce the sentencing recommendation, which prompted four career prosecutors involved in the case to withdraw.  One left the Justice Department entirely.

‘I don’t think that’s appropriate’: Trump’s involvement in Roger Stone case draws criticism from GOP senators


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