Democrats have eyes on Iowa, beating Trump

Democrats have eyes on Iowa, beating Trump


SALEM, N.H. — Waiting for autographs after a Joe Biden event in this town near the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border, Liz Duck and Katy Kramer kept returning to the same word to explain their support for the former vice president: electability. 

The two Democrats, friends both in their 70s, sing together in a community choir in the Manchester area, but on this day in late January they sounded like regular political pundits as they sized up the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

Their conclusion: Biden, who they just saw speak to a couple hundred supporters packed inside a small elementary school gym, gives Democrats the best shot to beat President Donald Trump. And Sen. Bernie Sanders, the candidate many call the frontrunner to win the Granite State? Too far to the left.

“I’m looking at electability,” said Kramer, a college writing instructor. She touted Biden’s experience before pivoting to the democratic socialist from Vermont. “(Sanders is) progressive. I like what all those people are saying. I really do,” But she added: “If you want someone who is, I think electable,” then Biden is your guy.


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