Democrats are learning how to win in changing majority-minority Nevada

New Year


This has been a dark month so far for Democrats and progressives. Between the Iowa caucus debacle, President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address and his impeachment acquittal, we were gut-punched not once, but three times, and left deeply worried about the political road ahead. But for those seeking a silver lining, perhaps we need to look no further than the Silver State caucuses on Saturday.

Nevada, which has been trending blue in recent elections, shows Democrats how to actually beat Trump and win, in states and nationally: Take advantage of demographic shifts, couple that with authentic on-the-ground organizing, and stress bread-and-butter issues. 

Based on my calculations using the 1990 Census and the 2018 American Community Survey, Nevada’s population grew a staggering 154% over that period — far higher than the national rate of 32%. Much of that growth has come from immigrants and people of color. Nevada’s population had about 21% people of color in 1990 and now is “majority-minority” at 52% — the fifth state to reach that threshold. The bulk of that population is Latinos, who make up 29% of the state. Blacks and Asian Pacific Islanders are at about 10% apiece. 


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