Delayed results mean no winner yet in Iowa caucuses

Trump campaign blasts Democrats for 'train wreck'


For months, Iowa Democrats fretted that new rules would produce an excess of results on caucus night and complicate Democrats’ claims to victory at this critical juncture in the presidential nominating contest.

In the end, their problem was the opposite. 

Widespread reporting problems meant that no official results were available to campaigns, the press or the public as of 3 a.m. CST, leaving the field in a state of heightened uncertainty. 

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price provided few answers, telling reporters on a middle-of-the-night press call that results would come at some point Tuesday. The call lasted less than two minutes.

In the absence of those numbers, multiple campaigns claimed victory as they boarded private planes destined for New Hampshire. 

“I’ve said this entire time that we’re going to have to evaluate after this primary is done … the debate thresholds, the order of the states, the caucus versus primary,” said former housing secretary Julián Castro, a surrogate for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. “What happened tonight made the argument for itself. Nobody can deny this is a broken way to do it. It was a total mess.”


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