Dak Prescott endorses Mike McCarthy’s terminology call

Dak Prescott endorses Mike McCarthy's terminology call



MIAMI — Dak Prescott knows he’s amid an offseason of change.

For the first time in the quarterback’s Cowboys career, Jason Garrett will not be his head coach.

Prescott’s rookie contract is running out, an extension or franchise-tag designation necessary before Prescott again plays for the team.

And Prescott will need to learn, at least to some degree, a new offense under former Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

So Prescott is buoyed to hear that as McCarthy revamps his offense, he intends to keep the terminology the Cowboys have already been using.

“It’s huge,” Prescott told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday while promoting Sleep Number. “That’s big. I mean, that’s one of the biggest things when you talk about a quarterback, when you talk about leading an offense. Because if the terminology stays the same, that lessens that learning curve, that gap of, ‘I’ve got to learn that before I can teach it.’ Well now, I know that so I can go straight to teaching.”


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