Critics are torn on grown-up Biebs

Critics are torn on grown-up Biebs


Valentine’s Day just got extra “Yummy” — or maybe not.

Justin Bieber’s highly anticipated fifth studio album arrived Friday to mixed reviews for a grown-up Biebs.

The 25-year-old pop star has been mega-famous for nearly half of his life and his YouTube documentary series “Justin Bieber: Sessions” has shown the toll it has taken on him. 

He spoke candidly first time about his past experiences with drug addiction, revealing that he began depending on marijuana heavily and later got involved with alcohol, lean (a mixture of codeine cough syrup, soda and hard candy), pills, MDMA, psychedelic mushrooms, “everything.” Bieber eventually decided he wanted to get sober when he “felt like I was dying.” 

Now, Bieber is embracing “Changes” and leaning on his marriage to the former Hailey Baldwin, who is the star of this comeback album, which is getting reviews that are neither enthusiastic nor critical. 

Demi Lovato shared the album on her Instagram and said she was “proud” of Bieber. “So much 🔥🔥🔥 on this album,” she captioned her post.

But The Independent thinks Bieber may be stuck in his adolescent ways, writing that “he hasn’t come all that far since the days of ‘baby, baby, baby, oh.’ ” 

Here are more excerpts from noteworthy reviews:

“Ultimately, the album is at its most satisfying whenever Bieber places its creative catalyst, his marriage to Hailey, front and center. Sure, there are some puppy-love lyrics (“You got the keys to my city!” Bieber exclaims on “Second Emotion”), but the album’s most compelling moments, from the yearning opener “All Around Me” to the crackling Quavo team-up “Intentions,” unabashedly detail the type of fullness that Bieber has found through his romantic partnership.”


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