Cotopaxi believed to be off Florida coast

Cotopaxi believed to be off Florida coast


Researches believe they have discovered the fate of the SS Cotopaxi, which disappeared without a trace of wreckage after leaving Charleston, South Carolina in 1925, carrying a cargo of coal and a crew of 32. 

The ship was bound for Havana, Cuba, and vanished near the area popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle. The mystery has been billed as one of the “triangle’s biggest secrets” by promotional material for the Science Channel’s “Shipwreck Secrets,” which will document the search for the Cotopaxi in a Feb. 9 special premiere.

Marine biologist shipwreck explorer Michael Barnette told USA TODAY the special will show that the Cotopaxi rests off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida at a site known for decades as the “Bear Wreck.”

But the location of the Cotopaxi is only part of the story — Barnette worked with other experts to construct a theory about what happened to the ship using research that included insurance records and dives to the site.


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