Coach Mike Leach deletes tweets about Mitt Romney

Trump slams impeachment as 'evil' and 'corrupt'


New Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach has deleted a series of messages he posted on Twitter in which he asked critical questions about Mitt Romney, the lone Republican senator to vote against President Trump in his impeachment trial Wednesday.

Leach, a Trump supporter, posted the messages on Twitter after midnight Thursday in Mississippi. By Thursday afternoon, they were removed.

Asked about why he removed them, Leach responded in a text message to USA TODAY Sports, “Nothing really to report. I just asked questions. Then I thought it was drawing more attention than it deserved.”

In one deleted tweet, Leach asked, “As an American, does ANYONE, REALLY want Mitt Romney on their side?!”

Mike Leach was recently hired as head coach of Mississippi State.

A person identified as Will Ginther then replied by asking, “Damn mike you drunk?”

Leach replied, “Is Mitt?!”

In another deleted tweet, Leach asked, “Those that believe in the competence of Mitt Romney, what do you trust him to do?”

The tweets received a range of responses, some critical of Romney, some critical of Leach.

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