Clay Aiken supports Amy Klobuchar over Joe Biden

Democrats have eyes on Iowa, beating Trump


For 2020, for Democrats, for America, Amy Klobuchar is the answer.

That may sound a bit surprising to hear from someone who has, before now, been publicly supportive of a different candidate in this year’s Democratic primary race. But, it is a position I now state with full confidence. In this year’s race for the White House, Sen. Amy Klobuchar Minnesota is the candidate we need.

Let me be clear: I love Joe Biden. My support for the former vice president has been genuine. I remain grateful for the years of leadership and the scores of accomplishments that he has given to our country. My prior support for him in this year’s primary was based on my belief that he would be the candidate best suited to take on President Donald Trump in November. I have not been alone in feeling that way.

However, as the voters in early states have begun to have their say, like so many of my fellow Democrats, I found myself grappling with the options and realized that the Democratic Party of 2020 is ready for a fresher voice. Klobuchar is that voice.


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