Can quarantines, lockdowns and isolation stop the charge?

Official explains Diamond Princess cruise quarantine fail


Quarantine, isolation and lockdown protocols have been key strategies in the global assault on the coronavirus that has killed more than 1,700 people since December despite mixed reviews on their value.

Quarantine involves separation of those who have been exposed until confirmation of the presence or absence of the disease. Isolation separates the confirmed cases from the populace to avoid further transmissions. A lockdown is aimed at halting movement of all individuals within the concerned area, regardless of whether individuals are exposed, ill, or not.

Michael Ryan, who leads the World Health Organization’s emergencies program, is urging global leaders to carefully strike balances between the common good and the rights of individuals.

“There is no zero risk in the world for anything,” Ryan said at a news conference Monday. “We need an approach that allows us to function as a society. … We need to be extremely measured in what we do.”


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