Brad Pitt coy on Tinder, ‘Parasite’ director crazy

Billie Eilish still can't believe her Grammys wins


If you watched Sunday’s Oscars, then you probably know about a few things. For one, there were some expected wins: Renee Zellweger for best actress, Laura Dern for best supporting actress, Joaquin Phoenix for best actor and Brad Pitt for best supporting actor. And then there were history-making moments: “Parasite” became the first South Korean film to win best international film and best picture.

But you can’t anticipate what will go on backstage, after the planned speeches are over and the cameras stop rolling. 

What did the winners – starting with first trophy recipient Pitt – say after they accepted their Oscars and were escorted from the wings to the media room? We thought you’d never ask.

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Director Bong Joon-Ho offers a two-fisted Oscar salute after his film, "Parasite," won best picture and other honors at Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony.

No translation needed for this Bong Joon-ho response

Asked how he had won best director and best picture for “Parasite,” Bong first offered an entertaining answer in Korean, via translator: “I’m just a very strange person. I just did what I’ve always done with great artists. … It was the same process making this film, but we’ve had these amazing results. It still feels very surreal. I feel like something will hit me and I will wake up from this dream.”

Then Bong offered his own delighted, expletive-powered observation in English: “It’s really (bleeping) crazy!”

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Brad Pitt backstage during the 92nd Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre.

Brad Pitt is just going to disappear now

We had a feeling this good news was coming after he won at several pre-Oscar shows, but it’s good news just the same: Pitt took home his first acting Oscar for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Now for the bad news: We’re done seeing a black-tie-wearing Pitt gracing glamorous red carpets every weekend. Bummer.


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