Book leaks about Ukraine were ‘the sprinkles on an ice cream sundae’

Lindsey Graham fears Rudy Giuliani's evidence is 'Russian propaganda'


WASHINGTON – Former national security advisor John Bolton expressed his frustrations Monday about the “censorship” from the White House regarding his new book.

Speaking at Duke University during his first public appearance since the conclusion of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, Bolton said, “I hope my book is not suppressed,” referring to the current battle between him and the White House over a pre-publication national security review of the material in the book.

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Media reports from the event said Bolton called the leaks of his book about Ukraine “the sprinkles on an ice cream sundae” and said the book “is an effort to write history. We’ll see what comes out of the censorship.”

When asked about Trump saying the now-infamous call with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, was “perfect.” Bolton responded, “You’ll love chapter 14.”


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