Bloomberg hits back at Trump’s Twitter attacks on ads, height

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Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg responded to President Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on Sunday, saying the president is afraid of losing to him the general election. 

Trump posted tweets early Sunday tearing into Bloomberg, whom he mocked as “Mini Mike” in reference to Bloomberg’s height. 

In one, he slammed the billionaire media mogul for allowing the news organization that bears his name to cover the White House but not his own campaign, or other 2020 Democrats. 

“Mini Mike is part of the Fake News,” Trump said. “They are all working together. In fact, Bloomberg isn’t covering himself (too boring to do), or other Dems. Only Trump. That sounds fair! It’s all the Fake News Media, and that’s why nobody believes in them any more.” 

In another, he decried the anti-Trump ads Bloomberg is running across the nation. 

“Many of the ads you are watching were paid for by Mini Mike Bloomberg. He is going nowhere, just wasting his money,” Trump said

“Looks like our ads are keeping you up at night. We’ve got one in particular you should watch today,” replied Bloomberg, who is running a campaign ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl


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