Barrington Plaza lacks sprinklers, officials say

Los Angeles high-rise building fire: 8 injured, officials say


A 25-story Los Angeles high-rise that caught fire, injuring 11 civilians and two firefighters, lacked sprinklers, the fire department said.

Los Angeles has approximately 770 high-rises, and 55 residential high-rises do not have sprinklers, public information officer Erik Scott said at a Wednesday evening press conference.

“That’s because they were built prior to 1974, and they’re not currently required to be equipped with fire sprinklers,” Scott said.

The fire broke out Wednesday morning on the seventh floor of a Barrington Plaza tower, located on Wilshire Boulevard. Built in 1961, the building contains 240 units and 339 tenants, Scott said.

The building was last inspected in June 2019 and was up to code, Scott said.

A fire ignited in the same building in 2013, and five residents were taken to the hospital, including a child, according to local news reports at the time.


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