Antonio Brown attorney says mental health test shows WR is ‘fine’

Antonio Brown says 'I put myself in a bad predicament'


MIAMI — An attorney representing Antonio Brown said a court-ordered mental health evaluation has determined the embattled wide receiver is “perfectly mentally fine.’’

Lorne Berkeley, one of two lawyers representing Brown in a criminal case in Broward County, has not seen the results of the test but said he has spoken to people familiar with the evaluation and findings.

“I’ve been provided conclusory terms in the sense of he’s perfectly mentally healthy and fine,’’ Berkeley told USA TODAY Sports on Saturday. “The results are very positive.”

When asked about the perception that Brown has exhibited erratic behavior over the past several months, Berkeley said, “Sure, people have made those allegations. At the end of the day, maybe they catch him when he’s happy or overly excited about something. Maybe they catch him when he’s sad or upset about something. So he’s gong to express himself differently.


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