Amy Klobuchar faces nomination hurdles despite New Hampshire success

Amy Klobuchar faces nomination hurdles despite New Hampshire success


WASHINGTON – Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s surprisingly strong third-place finish in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday generated an immediate fundraising haul and coveted momentum heading into Nevada.

What’s less clear for the Minnesota senator is her path to the Democratic presidential nomination in a still-crowded field where most of her rivals are better known and have built larger field organizations in Nevada, South Carolina and the Super Tuesday states that loom ahead.

“I don’t have that big bank account. I don’t have that big name (recognition) as some of the other people that are in this race. And I am not a newcomer with no political record,” Klobuchar, 59, told supporters Tuesday after polls closed in New Hampshire. “But what I do is get things done. What I have is your back.”

And she has “Klomentum.”

Klobuchar’s campaign said she raised roughly $2.5 million Tuesday night after early returns showed her with about 20% of the vote and surging past former front-runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. That was on top of the $4 million her campaign raised in the few days after her standout performance at Friday’s debate in Manchester, New Hampshire.


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