Amazon Develops Faster ARM-Supported Chips For AWS

Amazon Develops Faster ARM-Supported Chips For AWS

Amazon Web Services, the cloud hosting business of Amazon, will soon be receiving new server hardware—an upgraded processor particularly developed for data hubs, as claimed by media.

Previous year, Amazon declared the roll out of its ARM-supported processor dubbed as Graviton that was optimized for cost and performance. As per a source that had a word with the media, the new chips are minimum 20% quicker as compared to this first-gen ARM processor.

The tech for the processors originates from ARM Holdings, a British firm that is targeting on taking the market supremacy of AMD and Intel. At one point, Intel had an almost-monopoly with 99% share in the market for server processors, but in late years ARM has proved itself as a grave contender in the server sector.

The new chip from Amazon has not been announced officially yet, but it is anticipated to employ Neoverse N1 technology by ARM and to have minimum 32 cores, 2 times as many as the earlier ARM processor.

On a related note, ARM earlier claimed that it will keep providing Huawei with its processor designs at least via the next gen. That is a reversal from earlier this year, when the firm had allegedly alerted employees to stop all dealings with the Chinese firm. “ARM can offer support for the Armv8-A architecture to HiSilicon, as well as the next gen of that framework, after a comprehensive evaluation of both structures, which have been claimed to be of non-US origin,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

ARM, acquired for $32 Billion by Japan’s Softbank back in 2016, was obliged to stop its business with Huawei after the nation efficiently banned US firms from dealing with it. Previous month, Huawei was obliged to launch the Mate 30 Pro without YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, and other major Google apps.

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