Airline perks for first-class passengers are getting out of control

Airline perks for first-class passengers are getting out of control


It seems like every time you look, airlines have added a ridiculous new amenity. Now they’re chauffeuring passengers to the gate in limousines and offering cabins with beds, private showers and butler service.

But these airline perks aren’t for you. They’re only available to the elite flyers or the superrich. The rest of us must endure shrinking seats with zero service. Does anyone else think there’s something wrong with this picture?

No one asked for this obscene, if not un-American, division between the “haves” and “have-nots” onboard. Instead, airlines invented a flying caste system that’s embarrassing and offensive to any fair-minded traveler.

Frequent flyer programs have become increasingly elitist:  Is it time to end them?

Passenger shaming hasn’t worked:  Is it time to try airline shaming?

Who asked for these ‘amazing’ perks, anyway?

To get an idea of the extremes to which airlines will go, talk to an expert like Shane Chapman, senior vice president of airline industry relations at Ovation Travel

“The perks are amazing,” he says.

It starts at a VIP check-in area “away from the chaos in the airport,” says Chapman. Next, you take a separate entrance to a TSA PreCheck area and then go to a club lounge. Some lounges offer hotel-like amenities, including sleeping pods, showers and gourmet meals.


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