Airbnb suspends Beijing bookings, US hotels affected

White House considers ban on China flights amid coronavirus outbreak


Airbnb has blocked bookings in Beijing through the end of April, and Hilton has closed about 150 of its hotels in China amid the growing coronavirus crisis plaguing the country and the rest of the world — and its impact on the hotel and home rental industry may be just beginning. In the U.S. specifically, it could cost the country billions of dollars and millions of hotel room stays.

Hotels in different parts of the world beyond China, the epicenter of the outbreak, are already starting to see dips in occupancy due to the coronavirus, though it will take months before the industry can assess the macro effects.

“This is not a regional phenomenon; this is a global phenomenon,” Jan Freitag, a senior vice president with data research firm STR, told USA TODAY.

The latest on Airbnb in China

Airbnb is suspending bookings in Beijing with check-in dates from Feb. 7 to April 30, following government guidance to companies in the short-term rental industry. Guests whose reservations get canceled will be refunded. 


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