Active shooter drill left students ‘terrified,’ teachers say

Active shooter drill left students 'terrified,' teachers say


CINCINNATI – In late January, educators and students at a Cincinnati school thought an active shooter drill was the real thing.

Dianna Schweitzer, who teaches English as a second language, hid under a sink with two students at the school in Roselawn.

She offered to trade hiding places with a colleague because her children were younger.

“We all felt it was real,” said Schweitzer, who works at the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies within Cincinnati Public Schools. “We didn’t hear ‘drill’ at all.”

The incident at the school led Schweitzer and others to speak out Friday during a Board of Education committee meeting. They called for an update to drill protocol, saying new methods should be adopted to prevent the trauma experienced by educators and students.

Kristan Sterling, a math teacher at the school, said students in her classroom armed themselves with scissors, barricaded the door with a bookshelf and cowered in a corner, out of sight from a window.


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