A Departmental Store In Japan To Review Plans About Menstruation Badges

A Departmental Store In Japan To Review Plans About Menstruation Badges

In Japan, a woman’s health store is apparently reviewing a program for staff to wear badges when they are menstruating. The so-called “physiology badge” shows an animated character named Seiri Chan, a representation of menstruation in the third-largest economy globally. It was expected that the badges will help cultivate sympathy amongst co-workers, with those opting to wear the pin likely to get longer breaks or extra help. Nevertheless, when Daimaru reported the media regarding the policy previously in this month, it stimulated a repercussion against the store.

According to The Japan Times, an official who declined to be named in a statement stated, “We received a number of complaints from the public. Some of them alarmed harassment, and that was absolutely not our purpose. We are reconsidering the program now.” The Daimaru subdivision at Osaka Umeda first started the policy in October. The badge has Seiri Chan, a cartoon character seemingly known as “Miss Period.” Previously in this month, research led by the RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) discovered that more than 1 in 10 firms in Japan have formal guidelines regarding the length of heeled shoes female workers should wear.

On a similar note, recently a new study showed that menstruation pain is associated with about 9 Days of productivity loss of a year at workplaces and schools. The true impact of menstruation on society and women is underestimated, investigators say. Researchers polled 32,748 Dutch women amid the ages of 15–45 Years to assess lost productivity linked with menstrual symptoms. They calculated time off from workplace or school, plus working or studying while feeling ill—which was termed as “presenteeism.” The study revealed that around almost 1 in 7—or just under 14%—had taken time off from school or workplace during their period and 3.5% stated that this happened during every menstrual cycle.

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