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Parents Using Marijuana Might Increase Addiction Possibility Amongst Kids

In a recent study carried out at Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital the scientists highlighted the possibility of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and even opioids misuse addictions in children whose parents use marijuana. The research can be accessed in the journal JAMA Network. The Lead Author of this study, Bertha Madras, and her associates reported that there is an increase in the use of marijuana amongst adults. They added that in numerous cases, it is also linked to the use of other addictive substances. In this research, the scientists focused on finding out if the offspring of parents with marijuana use are inclined toward picking up their parents’ habits and other substance abuse issues.

The authors of this research stated, “The proportion of teenage marijuana use is more amongst those whose parents and peers use marijuana in relation to non-using counterparts. Moreover, the parents who do not use such substances can neutralize the peer influence on the youth’s use of this substance. In most cases, a parent using such substances or with substance use disorder is a risk factor for substance use amongst youth.” This study used data collected by the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) in the 2015–2018 period.

On a similar note, recent research carried out at King’s College London stated that living close to a busy road can impact the growth of lungs in children and enlarge the possibility of lung cancer. In this study, scientists accessed a broad range of health conditions associated with people living close to areas of air pollution from traffic. According to this assessment, researchers emphasized the 10% more possibility of lung cancer in individuals living within 50 Meters of a busy road. The study also underlined the possibility of problems in the development of lungs in about 3–14% of kids.

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