5 moments that will make you a fan

5 moments that will make you a fan



Do you stick tortilla chips in your burrito “for crunch” or have a cat that walks across your keys proudly while you play a piano? If so, congratulations – you have a little something in common with Taylor Swift.

The new documentary “Miss Americana,” which premiered at Sundance Film Festival last week and starts streaming on Netflix this Friday, delves deep into the music but especially the life of the 30-year-old superstar.

The film shows her goofy side, such as boasting about the light-up “party shoes” she wears while recording or mocking her too-tight metallic dress for an awards show (“I look like a Pop-Tart wrapper”), but also sees her wrestling to reconcile the “good girl” she’s always wanted to be with the mature, complex woman she’s become. As she gets older, Swift also wonders about her own shelf life in a culture where female artists and entertainers are “discarded in an elephant graveyard at age 35.” 


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