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How Robin Arzon transformed from a lawyer to a Peloton instructor.

Our series “How I became a …” digs into the stories of accomplished and influential people, finding out how they got to where they are in their careers.

Though Robin Arzon spends a lot of time on a spin bike, you’ll never catch her spinning her own wheels. Arzon started her career as a lawyer before transitioning to the fitness space and has since used movement and exercise as a way to shape and transform her life and the lives of those around her. When she’s not pedaling to thousands of live and on-demand riders at New York’s Peloton studio, Arzon spends her time as a global Adidas ambassador, Road Runners Club of America-certified running coach, social media influencer, and New York Times bestselling author of “Shut Up and Run.”

USA TODAY caught up with Peloton’s VP of Fitness Programming to talk about everything from hydrating properly and the Lizzo “lifestyle” to rising above and learning to lean heavily into resilience.

Question: How did you get your start?

Robin Arzon: I really entered fitness as a runner. I laced up and I discovered a passion for movement. I am VP of Fitness Programming at Peloton and a head instructor at Peloton because I emailed John Foley and I was brave enough to put myself forward and put my hat in the ring to audition for a teaching position here. The big, broader wellness conversation kind of started when I was a lawyer and I was dealing with my own traumas and my own dramas. I really used movement as a tool to unlock and empower, and that is how I became a wellness leader.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

Arzon: There is no typical day, I’ll be honest about that. But, I’ll give you the answer on an ideal day because that is maybe more interesting. An ideal day for me would be getting nine hours of sleep, waking up, meditating for 20 minutes, fueling (I always fuel properly with a smoothie with all kinds of vitamins and plant-based fuel), and then I would get in a workout. I would get in my own personal workout. My life is a workout, but my own personal workout is critical, and that will usually involve something related to strength training. I’m always, always staying hydrated – you cannot hustle without the proper hydration, and in my opinion, with plain ole’ water, as optimally. I like to optimize my day with ROAR Organic and electrolytes, and then after my workout, an ideal day would involve some type of work. I honestly feel so fulfilled with the kind of work I do at Peloton, so sometimes that’s going to be teaching a class, sometimes that’s going to be making a playlist, and sometimes it’s going to be just getting my mind and mental space right for tomorrow’s hustle.

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