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President Trump has a right to his opinions and to remove personnel

To hear the professional commentariat tell it, you’d think the Constitution gives President Donald Trump absolutely zero power over the permanent bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.

How else to explain the cacophony of talking heads exploding over the president’s decisions to remove executive branch personnel whom he feels he can no longer trust, and to express his opinions on the sentencing recommendations in the Roger Stone trial and the job done by the judge in that trial regarding weeding out potential bias among jurors?

First, to the firings of the two Vindmans (Alexander and his brother, Yevgeny) and former Ambassador Gordon Sondland. The talking heads seem to believe that these officials enjoy some kind of protected employment status. But they were executive branch personnel. That is, they worked for the president. They served at his pleasure. If for whatever reason he didn’t feel comfortable with them, President Trump was within his rights to give them the boot. That he did so should not surprise anyone.

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