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NBA All-Star Game success should mean more experimentation, innovation

For most basketball fans, Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game was their first exposure to the “Elam Ending,” where the clock is replaced by a target score at some point late in the game. 

Judging by reaction on social media, it was a huge hit, producing the kind of intense, nervy, situational basketball that we haven’t typically seen in an All-Star setting.

That the Elam Ending made the game more exciting is no surprise to anyone who has been watching The Tournament, a $2 million, winner-take-all, single-elimination event that has cultivated a niche following on the summer basketball scene the last few years. Beyond eliminating the typical end-of-game pattern where the winning team is trying to run out the clock and the trailing team commits foul after foul in the final minute hoping for a miss, it adds a layer of strategy and pressure to how those final possessions are going to play out. 

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