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Where to go after Galaxy S20 Ultra 108MP

With the Galaxy S20 5G, Samsung is doing more than just turning it up to 11.

What’s striking about Samsung’s new flagship smartphone isn’t just the model number leapfrogging from 10 to 20. With 100x zoom, 108-megapixel sensor and 8K video, the specs for the Galaxy S20 5G family are also much larger than its predecessors. And, for that matter, than competitors like the Apple iPhone 11 and the Pixel 4 from Google.

Indeed, though smartphone makers have added cool new features, the underlying camera technology has held constant, with 12MP cameras and 2X optical zoom. Which begs the question: Is the S20 for real? Or is Samsung just turning it up to the proverbial 11, and calling it 20?

To be sure, Samsung isn’t just playing a numbers game. In fact, Chinese suppliers like Huawei and Xiaomi have already begun making smartphones with four rear-facing cameras and mega megapixel counts. Here in the U.S. market, though, the S20 camera system is a game-changer, and a harbinger of things to come for at least the next few years.

Showing off the new pricing of Samsung Galaxy S phones at a company event

With these new camera architectures coming to store shelves – the S20 family goes on sale March 6 – gauging quality is going to be different. So toss everything you think you know about smartphone cameras. And read on for some pointers to help you navigate the phone aisle in 2020:


All else being equal, the more pixels at your disposal, the truer the image. Except that all else isn’t equal.

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