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Trump-Washington-Lincoln honesty contrast is painful on Presidents Day

It only took America 244 years to go from “Honest Abe” and “I cannot tell a lie” to 16,241 false or misleading claims and a reality show State of the Union address that wasn’t quite real.

All right, so George Washington’s biographer made up that story about the 6-year-old future president fessing up to damaging his father’s cherry tree with a hatchet. But the young store clerk Abraham Lincoln apparently was a stickler for making sure his customers got their due. And once you get past the irony of a made-up myth about little George’s honesty, as the Mount Vernon website explains, the larger point remains: to show readers that “Washington’s public greatness was due to his private virtues.” 

The Honest Abe and cherry tree tales leaped to mind when it became clear a few days ago that there were truthiness issues with not just one but two beneficiaries of President Donald Trump’s big-hearted policies. These were the “You just won a new car!” State of the Union moments as applause erupted in the House chamber and millions of TV viewers no doubt nodded appreciatively at this evidence of the president’s goodness and generosity.

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