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Joe Biden says he’s ‘disappointed’ in Lindsey Graham

WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday morning that he is “disappointed” in Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., for bowing to political pressure.

Speaking to NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Biden said he “would be willing talk to” Graham because he’d “want to know” why the senator took part in attacks.

Graham, who has become one of President Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters on Capitol Hill, was critical of Biden during Trump’s impeachment trial and after the acquittal, saying last week that “the day of reckoning is coming for congressional and Senate oversight of Joe Biden.”  

Trump’s allies attempted to pivot the focus from the impeachment to their theory that Biden tried to use his office to help his son, who sat on the board of a Ukrainian company that was once the focus of a probe. 

They believe that Biden pushed for the firing of a top Ukrainian prosecutor while he was vice president in order to benefit his son. Biden opposed the prosecutor because he was weak on tackling corruption cases, an opinion shared by international anti-corruption groups. .

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