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Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ hot ski instructor is Giulio Berruti

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has serious marriage problems with onscreen husband Will Ferrell during their European ski vacation in the dark comedy “Downhill” (now in theaters).

But her Billie is sitting pretty when it comes to her ruggedly hot, Italian ski instructor Guglielmo, who ends up giving her solo instruction that includes a mid-mountain calf massage.

The scene-stealing mountain man is played by Italian model and actor Giulio Berruti, 35, (a one-time dental student) who might be remembered by fans for his appearance as the cad Italian prince wooing Kate Cassidy’s Emma in 2011’s “Monte Carlo.”

So who is the 6’3″ Berruti? USA TODAY sought to find out.

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Giulio Berruti's Guglielmo enjoys his special Alpine coffee in "Downhill."

Question: You’re literally listed as Italian Guy #2 in the 2003 ‘Lizzie McGuire Movie.’ How was that?

Giulio Berruti: That’s how I started. I was modeling at the time and they asked me to do this audition for “Lizzy McGuire.” I had no idea what it was. But I literally just passed her by in the shot, walking by as they were saying, ‘Italian guys are so hot.’ Something like that. That’s it. But that was my baptism in the movie business. I saw all these people doing this crazy job of being someone else. So I started studying it.

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