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Police identify SC man found in search

Authorities on Friday identified a man whose body was found during the search for Faye Marie Swetlik, a South Carolina girl who was also found dead Thursday in Cayce.

Coty Scott Taylor, 30, was found dead shortly after Faye’s body was found Thursday morning, Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher and Sergeant First Class Evan Antley with the Cayce Department of Public Safety said.

Investigators said Taylor was linked to the investigation into Faye’s death and that he was not a relative or friend of Faye’s family.

“He was merely a neighbor,” Antley told reporters at a Friday afternoon news conference.

Taylor did not have a criminal history and was not known to law enforcement, according to Antley.

The 6-year-old was reported missing Monday afternoon about an hour after getting off her school bus near her home in the Churchill Heights neighborhood in Cayce. 

Investigators from Cayce DPS, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office, the State Law Enforcement Division and the FBI searched the neighborhood for days.

On Thursday, investigators followed sanitation trucks around the neighborhood as they emptied trash cans.

Antley said a critical item connected to the case was found in a trash can at Taylor’s home.

“Based on that discovery, we narrowed down an area that we felt as an investigative team that we needed to go back to and look for more evidence,” Antley said.

As investigators were in the early planning stages of the renewed search, Cayce DPS Director Byron Snelgrove found the Faye’s body in a wooded area near Taylor’s home. 

Antley said investigators do not believe she was in that location for very long before her body was found.

A short time later, investigators found Taylor’s body inside his home. 

The investigation is ongoing. Antley said authorities are working to determine whether anyone else was involved. 

Autopsies are scheduled Saturday for both Faye and Taylor. 

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