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Amy Klobuchar’s ‘surge’ shows gender inequality in media

After Friday’s Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire, the New York Times asked 10 of its opinion writers to score the candidates’ performances. The hands-down winner: Amy Klobuchar.

But you wouldn’t know that from news reports. Across print, digital, broadcast and cable, coverage of the debate overwhelmingly focused on the battle of the bros: Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Klobuchar barely merited a mention. The New York Times itself treated her as a footnote, declaring in a front-page article that “there were no standout moments” in a debate that might be Klobuchar’s “final” chance (though the next day it belatedly noted her “Klomentum” – on page A27).

So when Klobuchar finished strong, with a third-place finish closing in on the top two winners, news outlets trumpeted her “sudden surge” as a “big surprise.” Actually, no, it wasn’t. It was a failure of basic news reporting.

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