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Gallup poll says 6 in 10 Americans feel better off after Trump elected

WASHINGTON – A Gallup poll has encouraging news for President Donald Trump as his battle for reelection heats up: More than six in 10 Americans say they are better off than they were three years ago when he took office, and about the same number credit him for the improvement. 

No other incumbent president in the past three decades has enjoyed such a high percentage of people saying they feel better about their situation. In 2012, when President Barack Obama was in the White House, 45% of Americans told Gallup they were better off than they were three years ago. In 2004, 1996 and 1992, the number was 50%. 

In the latest survey, 61% say they are better off, 36% say they’re not and 3% say they’re about the same.

A strong majority of Americans (62%) say Trump should get credit for improving the economy. Thirty-seven percent say he deserves a “great deal” of credit, and 25% say he deserves a “fair amount.” Nineteen percent say he should not take much credit, and 18% say he deserves none at all.

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