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Climate change threatens our future, but there’s still reason for hope

Nancy E. Anderson

This will be a pivotal year for confronting climate change. Election results in the United States will help to shape policies that will be felt for decades to come. It also will be a year of reckoning and recalibration in light of the United Nations’ failed Madrid climate conference last year.  With so much at stake, this could be a now-or-never time for securing a better climate future.

Here’s our starting point. U.S. greenhouse gas emissions went down from 2005 to 2016. That’s unprecedented progress. But emissions rose sharply in 2018 before falling again last year. 

Energy efficiency becomes the norm

Is all lost? I think not, for five reasons:

1. The global economy is growing faster than emissions. That means energy efficiency is increasing without an erosion in economic growth.

2. Energy efficiency is moving from the margins toward a new normal in the products we use — think how commonplace LED light bulbs are today.   

3. The price of solar and wind power has plunged, and there’s good reason to expect the cost of energy storage, key to an electric power grid reliant on renewable energy, to decline as well.

4. The supply of clean energy resources is growing at the same time prices have declined. Not long ago, offshore wind generation was dismissed as a pipe dream. Now, the potential for electric power generated from clean, steady sources is becoming a reality.

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