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Why do we celebrate? What is the meaning?

While it might be common knowledge that Americans will spend billions of dollars this Valentine’s Day season celebrating, it is lesser-known how Valentine’s Day actually came about.

Let’s begin with St. Valentine – or the Valentines. As points out, there are a number of Valentines – nearly all of them martyrs – that are connected to the holiday. However, St. Valentine of Terni might be the most famous, with two legends associated with him.

Under the rule of Claudius II, the Roman army relied largely on single men. In an effort to save lives, Valentine, who was the bishop of Terni at the time, would wed couples to keep husbands away from war. What a guy, right? 

Unfortunately for Valentine, the emperor didn’t take too kindly to his noble romanticism and beheaded the bishop near the outskirts of Rome. 

There is also the less violent fable that another man named Valentine was imprisoned by the Romans and sent a letter to a woman he loved with the signature, “From your Valentine.” And as history has it, a prison letter would ultimately spark the ideas for both valentine cards and the concept of valentine admirers. 

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So, this explains why the name is synonymous with love. But why the celebration? Cue the goat blood.

Lupercalia, a Roman-pagan holiday for fertility, can take credit for that. During the festival, a goat and a dog would be sacrificed. The hides were dipped in blood, and women were then whipped by the pelts of the dead animals. Strangely enough, the bloody pelts were supposed to increase the fertility of the women.

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