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New Hampshire, Iowa losses raise questions on campaign’s future

Joe Biden insists he has a path to the presidential nomination. Others are having trouble seeing it. 

The former vice president was the field’s front-runner until voters started casting ballots. A disappointing fourth-place finish in the opening Iowa caucuses last week was followed by a disastrous fifth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday. The collapse of his support into single digits will not only make raising money and rallying supporters more difficult, it also raises questions about whether his campaign can survive until the Super Tuesday contests three weeks away. 

“It ain’t over, man; we’re just getting started,” Biden told a campaign crowd in Charleston, South Carolina, where he headed instead of staying in New Hampshire. He struck a deliberately upbeat tone, emphasizing his commitment to African American and Latino concerns and noting the lack of racial diversity in the two states that have voted. “Where I come from, that’s the opening bell, not the closing bell, and the fight to end Donald Trump’s presidency is just beginning, just beginning.”

That said, if Biden doesn’t score a convincing win in the South Carolina primary Feb. 29 – not impossible but a challenge – his third bid for the presidency could be effectively over, and with it a career in elective office that spanned six decades.

‘I’ll probably take a hit here’:Biden faces big test in New Hampshire

Sen. Bernie Sanders surged in the Iowa and New Hampshire contests.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was riding high after carrying the popular vote in Iowa (although not the delegate count) and winning New Hampshire (although with a smaller margin than his landslide over Hillary Clinton four years ago). Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg was a solid second, and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar parlayed a strong showing in the candidate debates into a surprising third-place finish. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was a distant fourth, and Biden finished even lower.

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