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Truck driver in Michigan survives after steel beam shatters windshield

DETROIT – Johnnie Lowe keeps hearing the sound of the crash that left a steel beam inches from his chest.

Lowe — 49, of Wayne, Michigan — was driving a box truck about 1:30 p.m. Thursday on his way to Lansing to make a pickup for his company DNC Logistics when he saw something slide off the back of a truck moving into the fast lane.

Lowe watched as a beam bounced off the tail end of the rusty-red stake truck with no gate on the rear. The beam did somersaults as it drew closer to him, he said.

For a moment as it bounced, he thought he was safe.

“Then here it came,” he said. “It bounced my way, so I just put my arm up, put my hand on the back of the steering wheel, put my foot on the brake, eased the brake.”

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Lowe had set his truck’s cruise control at 65 mph, but said he figured less speed meant less impact.

A photo provided by Johnnie Lowe shows his work truck after a beam slammed through his windshield on Thursday, Feb. 6.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” he said.

He thought of his family, the father to three biological children and stepchildren  said.

He heard a sound like an explosion as the windshield shattered, and then the sound of cars still going by. He aimed for white — snow on the side of the road — as he pulled off and brought the truck to a stop.

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