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Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren on life support

David: The surrender of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the cheese-eating surrender monkey of New Hampshire. Before the polls even closed he fled the state to go to his Maginot Line of South Carolina. But the war may already be lost there too as Biden’s bulwark of black voters, at least nationally, appears to be increasingly backing former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg. I don’t see that the former vice president has a plan to recover from two brutal losses in Iowa and New Hampshire.

And now Andrew Yang is ending his campaign before the results are even in. I guess he figures if he can’t be the fifth candidate to beat Biden then there’s really no point.

Jill: Another one calls it quits. 

We won’t have Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet to kick around anymore, either. That’s two down, three to go, by my post-Iowa reckoning. Waiting for you, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer and Deval Patrick. Biden could be next, judging by a New Hampshire finish that could end up in single digits.

David: We liked Yang the most

Of all the candidates we’ve lost, Yang added the most original and likeable personality. I wish I could figure out where his supporters go. Didn’t he send them to Elizabeth Warren in the Iowa caucuses? In any case New Hampshire is a more organized repeat of Iowa with Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg finishing on top.

Jill: Warren wants to be where everyone’s supporters go

In remarks early Tuesday night, she presented herself as the second coming of George W. Bush — a uniter, not a divider. That and her new emphasis on practicality would have been a more workable strategy before she went all in on Medicare for All.  

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