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Montgomery: Bicyclists are planning a ride from Selma to Montgomery to commemorate a landmark civil rights event. The Montgomery Bicycle Club will stage the ride Feb. 22 along the same 51-mile route that voting rights demonstrators led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. walked in 1965. Riders from around the nation are expected to participate in the event. Nearly 500 riders from more than 30 states have registered. “It’s important to show that we can all come together from diverse backgrounds and diverse geographic places and remember the people who worked so hard 55 years ago to ensure everyone had an equal voice in voting, getting people elected and making people feel they had power in the politicians that would be representing them,” said Robert Traphan, president of the Montgomery Bicycle Club. Alabama state troopers beat marchers attempting the walk March 7, 1965. Two weeks later, after court intervention, thousands of people led by King made the march to the Alabama Capitol, where the bike ride will also end.


Roseanne and Bob Wickman view an admiralty anchor on Berth 1 in Ketchikan, Alaska, that was recovered in January during the removal of the rock pinnacle.

Ketchikan: Though the $5.4 million rock blasting project in the Tongass Narrows has ended, it leaves in its wake a more navigable waterway and a memento. As crews dredged rubble from the seafloor following 15 explosions of the rock hump off Berth 2, an old anchor was unearthed. The admiralty-style anchor, commonly used between the time of the Civil War to World War II, is heavily striated – time and oxidation have given it the appearance of driftwood, despite being made of metal. Steve Corporon, Ketchikan’s port and harbors director, says it could have come from a number of ships that have passed by Ketchikan throughout the years. The anchor as it lies is about 9 feet long and spans more than 6 feet from fluke to fluke. Corporon wants to set up a display near Berth 1 to share the anchor’s history.

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