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Meyers thinks Trump’s been inhaling Doritos dust

It used to be that awful photos of oneself were safely stored from public view in an old photo album in the back of some dusty closet. You could sleep easy because nobody was ever going to see that embarrassing snapshot of you in a leisure suit wearing your tinted glasses and sporting bad sideburns. But nowadays, all sorts of awful photos of you are floating around the Internet for the entire world to see. Guess they’re called the good old days for a reason.

So, when a truly awful photo of President Donald Tump started making the rounds recently, well, the delight of America’s late-night comedians was palpable. Watching the comics riff on the Trump photo does seem a little unfair. After all, anyone caught in the media’s glare will occasionally be photographed doing something silly, or looking a bit absurd. On the other hand, if we weren’t laughing at our politicians and our political system, we’d break down in tears over the current state of our Republic.

Seth Meyers of NBC's 'Late Night with Seth Meyers

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