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Harvey Weinstein trial witness says Jessica Mann called him soulmate

NEW YORK – As Hollywood recovered from a long night at the Oscars, former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein arrived in court Monday for the start of another week of his sex crimes trial focused on his defense team’s effort to cast doubt on accusers’ allegations. 

Mexican actress and model Claudia Salinas, 38, took the stand for the defense and denied she went to a Beverly Hills hotel room with Weinstein and accuser Lauren Young. Young testified last week for the prosecution, describing Salinas as an enabler to Weinstein’s alleged sexual assault of Young in a Montage hotel bathroom in February 2013.

“That never happened,” Salinas said under questioning from defense attorney Damon Cheronis. 

Young said Weinstein led her into the bathroom and Salinas closed the door, leaving her “trapped” as Weinstein allegedly fondled her while masturbating. Young testified she believed Salinas helped set up the encounter: 

“She put me in here,” she told the jury. Young said she shot Salinas “an evil look” after leaving the bathroom and left the hotel suite without saying anything.

Harvey Weinstein arrives at court for his sex crimes trial on Feb. 10 in New York City.

When Salinas was shown pictures of the hotel suite, she said she never went there.

“Do you ever recall following Lauren Young down that hallway with Mr. Weinstein in front of her?” she was asked. No, Salinas said, denying she closed a bathroom door on Young and Weinstein.  

“Because if I had done that, I would remember that,” Salinas testified. “I would never close the door on anybody, ever.”

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