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Antarctica record high temperature: Is it climate change?

  • The record will likely be broken again in the “not-so-distant future.”
  • “The underlying trend across most of the continent is warming.”
  • The temperature at Russian research station Vostok was 50 degrees below zero on Friday.

Antarctica made worldwide news last week when one location – an Argentine research base – set a record high temperature for the continent of 64.9 degrees.  

Experts differ on what the new record high may have to do with human-caused climate change. 

“This record looks to be a one-time extreme event that doesn’t tell us anything about Antarctic climate change,” David Bromwich, a climate researcher at the Ohio State University, told The Washington Post. Bromwich added, however, that the peninsula has warmed noticeably since the late-1940s.

Another expert noted that “this is a record from only a single station, but it is in the context of what’s happening elsewhere and is more evidence that as the planet warms we get more warm records and fewer cold records,” Steve Rintoul, an oceanographer and Antarctic expert at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, told the Guardian about the new record high.

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