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Bernie Sanders’ radical past is attack fodder for Trump and Republicans

The Iowa Democratic caucuses might have ended in fiasco, but they did produce two winners: Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders. The senator of Vermont could well triumph in this week’s New Hampshire primary and, with his fiercely loyal activist base and fundraising advantage, many analysts believe he is the Democrat best positioned to win his party’s nomination. Yet unless one is rooting for a second term for President Donald Trump, that would be a political disaster of the first magnitude.

The progressives pressing the senator’s case may not care, but the general electorate will: Sanders has a bizarre radical past. It would not only set him back on his heels in a  general election campaign, it would completely neutralize the potent charge that Trump cozies up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and other dictators.

Just consider, to begin with, one issue from Sanders’ political career, highlighted by the historian Ronald Radosh in The Daily Beast. When Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his minions seized dozens of American hostages in 1979 and held 52 of them for 444 days, Americans across the spectrum were united in outrage and in seeking their safe return. Sanders, at the time, was a backer of an obscure Marxist-Leninist political party that pledged support for the Iranian theocracy and defended the hostage-taking. In line with Iranian propaganda, the party alleged that the captured diplomats and other U.S. Embassy workers were likely CIA agents.

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